4k and 5k

  • a Day in the life...

    Students learn to read and receive basic math instruction along with Bible-based character lessons.  Each day is filled with learning AND fun while the kindergarten students adapt to school life, make friends, learn about sharing and God's love for everyone, and set the tone for the lifelong educational experience.

  • Textbooks

    4K and 5K students learn out of materials provided by Bob Jones Press.  BJU Press has been serving students in Christian education for over 40 years, and their curriculum for kindergarten is fun and engaging while setting students off to a great start in their education process.

  • Technology

    Students in kindergarten are introduced to various forms of technology in our library and computer lab.  They also have weekly scheduled times to play educational games on an iPad from our rotating cart.

  • Enrichment activities

    4K and 5K students enjoy participating in weekly music classes, physical education classes, and trips to the computer lab and library.  Every year our kindergarten students take part in a Bike-A-Thon to benefit St. Judes Children's Hospital.