Biblical integration  -  God's word 24/7

We believe that the worldview of any individual is already in place by the time they graduate from high school.  Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that we partner with you to create a Biblical worldview in the mind's of our young people.  Genesis 1:28 contains the command for man to have proper "dominion over the earth".  As Christians, we believe this can only be done if we are able to effectively engage the world around us.  We do not see a divide between sacred and secular.  We see opportunities to glorify the Lord and benefit mankind in all arenas of life.

  • The bible guides learning

    The textbooks students use are filled with connections to Scripture and real-world examples of how a strong Biblical Worldview should be interwoven into the understanding and application of all subject matter.

  • The importance of service

    Your student will have ample opportunity to put their growing Biblical Worldview into practice.  Student groups work together with teachers to perform service projects regularly.  Each graduate is required to amass a minimum of 70 community service hours.